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Face Shape & Hairstyles

Almost everything about your hair can be changed in this day and age.  However one major factor in your perfect hairstyle cannot  be changed and that is your face shape.  Determining your face shape can be difficult for many people.  Here is one way to figure it out your self.
  • Pull your hair back into a ponytail or with a headband
  • Using a bar of soap, water soluble marker or crayon look in the mirror and trace the outline of your face.  Following your hair line, start in the middle of your forehead and work your way around your temple to jawbone, chin to jawbone and temple to forehead.
  • Move to one side of the outline.  Your face should resemble one of the seven shapes: oval, triangle, square, round, heart, oblong or diamond.
Oval: Sometimes called the perfect face shape, the balance of the oval allows you to wear almost any hairstyle or length you chose and have it look "right".  Avoid bangs as they cover up too many of your features.

Triangle: Categorized by a wider chin and narrow forehead.  Shorter styles will help to balance out your dominate jaw line.  Look for styles that are voluminous in the temple. This is a great face shape for wedges!

Square: An off center part is a must with this face shape.  Ask for wispy layers around the face to soften up the square shape and layers to help create volume to elongate your face.

Round: Keep a long or short cut, no medium length styles.  Lengthen your face by creating more volume in the crown, but keep your hair out of your face or it will cover up you features.  An off center part  is also a good idea for a round face.

Heart: Chin length or longer looks great on heart shaped faces. Wispy bangs, layered and swept to the side, are a good idea for you.

Oblong/Rectangle: Try short to medium hair styles with fullness on the sides to disguise the slenderness.  A fringe can also shorten the face, a side part will help to reduce the square appearance.

Diamond: Your face is almost oval, which gives you a dramatic look.  You can wear a lot of different styles.  Create width below the chin and at the forehead to minimize the cheek bones.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010



10 Beauty Myths BUSTED

  1. Split ends CAN be repaired by hair products...So very very FALSE!  No matter how much goop you glop on split ends CANNOT be repaired, they must be cut off.  Products only lay down the split in the hair until the next time you wash your hair.
  2. Brushing your hair 100 strokes a day makes your hair healthier and grow faster...Marsha this is FALSE!  Yes your hair needs to be brushed but not excessive brushing.  Style your hair and leave it alone, excess brushing can cause more damage by pulling on the hair stretching and breaking it.
  3. Alcohol in your styling products dries out your this is also FALSE!  There are small traces of various alcohols in styling products which helps the products to have a longer shelf life and it keeps the products from separating.  There has been alcohol in hair products since day one, it has gotten a bad rap in the recent years for drying out your hair.  However this reputation came about after the population starting chemically treating their hair and using thermal tools.
  4. You should switch shampoo and conditioner because your hair gets use to it...sorry charlie FALSE!  Your hair does not get use to your shampoo and conditioner.  If your shampoo and conditioner are not performing as they did in the beginning your water may have had a change, different water levels cause different reactions.  If you have recently changed what chemical services you do to your hair this might also cause a shift in the way your hair reacts to your products.  Another option if you aren't already doing it you may need to do clarifying treatments every two weeks, to remove product build-up or mineral residue left behind by your water.  Only switch shampoo and conditioner if you are unsatisfied with it's results.
  5. Trimming your hair makes your hair grow faster...Houston we have a problem this is FALSE!  Your hair grows from the scalp not the ends.  Trimming your hair prevents split ends from traveling up the hair shaft causing more spits and damage.  It also removes dry hair so the hair doesn't break off causing you to have to take off mass amounts when it does get long.  Keeping your hair healthy by trimming and conditioning will make it seem like it grows faster. Extra Calcium, protein, and folic acid will help you get Rapunzel locks.
  6. You hair texture doesn't change...and neither does your body... FALSE!   As your body ages and changes so does your hair.  Everything about your hair can change density, texture, and color all due to your body's life changes.
  7. Coloring your hair during pregnancy is harmful...defiantly FALSE!  Are you eating the hair color or putting it on your head?  The only concern there I may have would be that you cannot always use the same formulas you were using prior to the pregnancy because your body is out of whack and it may not take the same way.  Usually that occurs when you are going lighter,  the hair doesn't lift as quickly.  Although I always suggest my clients do check with their physician just in case.
  8. Salon Products are identical to drug store products...really??? this is very false!  The reason professional products are more expensive is because the quality of the ingredients is higher therefore they are not identical.  Salon products are by far more concentrated so you use less and it takes you longer to get through your bottle.  If you are debating what to buy think of this old saying you get what you pay for.
  9. Lemon juice can lighten your hair without causing damage...well definitely not, this is FALSE! The juice from lemons is very acidic and it will blow the outer layer of the hair shaft out causing tremendous damage and dryness. And to top it off it doesn't always lighten as much as you want! Damage and bad color kids don't try this at home!
  10. Dandruff is cause by dry scalp...sorry folks this is sooo not true!  FALSE!  Dandruff and dry scalp are completely different scalp conditions and need to be treated as such.  Dry scalp is when your scalp is lacking its natural moisture.  Dandruff is when your scalp is over run with bacteria; causing itchiness, oiliness, and a smell.



Thursday, February 18, 2010

Choosing Your Perfect Hair Color

    Hair color selection isn't as simple as it use to be.  Once upon a time it was blond, red, brunette, or black.  However, now there are various shades of each color to choose from.  The wrong hair color can give you the blues and leave you red in the face!  The following will help you to go in the right direction in your decision.
Decision 01
    First you need to figure out why you are coloring your hair.  Are you covering gray, adding dimension to your natural color, or completely changing your image.
Decision 02
    Compatible colors for you are either "cool" or "warm" depending on your skin tone, natural hair color, and eye color.
Eyes-Dark brown, black-brown, gray blue, dark blue, or hazel with gray or blue flecks
Hair-Blue-black, deep brown, ash brown, ash blond, platinum blond
Skin-Very dark brown, true olive, medium pale, medium with golden undertones, pale, bronze
Eyes-Golden brown, green, greeb-blue, turquoise, hazel with golden or brown flecks
Hair-Deep brown with gold or red hilights, red, strawberry blond, gray-yellow, natural golden blond
Skin-Brown with pink or golden under tones, peachy or peachy undertones, pale with gold undertones, freckled, ruddy
       If this doesn't help, let's examine your wardrobe.  Chances are you have a combination of cool and warm hues.  Clothing colors that look good on you and make you feel good may give you some indication.  For instance if you wear an olive drab shirt and it makes you fade into the back ground, then cool tones like ash blond are not for you.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scruples Hair Clearifier

This awesome product removes minerals, chlorine, product build up, and excess oils.  The Hair Clearifier is safe and gentle enough to be used daily even on color treated hair.  You can also use this shampoo on an active teen or someone with over active sebaceous(oil) glands.  Scruples Hair Clearifier is our number one selling clarifying shampoo!  When using any clarifying shampoo it should always be followed up by a good conditioner.

Protein based Shampoo is not for everyone!

There is a lot talk about the great things shampoos with protein can do for DAMAGED hair.  The keyword being damaged.  Shampoos such as Joico K-Pak  & Redken Extreme do really well to help repair the chemical damage we do to our hair.  The proteins rebuild the structure of the hair to a point where it isn't breaking off any more.  Once the hair is repaired to this point the protein based shampoo and conditioner should be replaced with a moisturizing combination.  If your hair is not breaking off it does not need protein!  If you add excess proteins to hair that doesn't need it the hair will become brittle and start to break.  Be careful with that protein people you don't need to cause any unnecessary damage.
If you hair is dry and not breaking let's stick to daily moisture and deep treatments once a week.

Moisturizing Products to try: Healthy Sexy Hair, Joico Moisture Recovery, Redken All Soft, Enjoy Sulfate-Free Hydrating, Pureology Hydrating
Deep Treatments to try: Enjoy Hair Mask(coarse hair),Enjoy Instant Reconstructor, Redken All Soft Heavy Cream, Sebastian Penetrate

Monday, February 15, 2010


Scruples celebrates over 26 years of excellence in the professional salon industry.

Scruples has been family owned since its inception in 1983 and has held to its vision of what's important: service, professionalism and integrity.

From this vision, a culture that embraces the needs of professional cosmetologists emerged.  Consistently focused on creating innovative products, outstanding promotions and marketing support that works, everything we do is designed to help make salons more successful.

Experience the difference. . .be a part of the family.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Wavy/Curly Hair tips

Wave and Color
“A trend I’m seeing for spring is waves that are softer and more refined,” says celebrity stylist George Papanikolas, who uses and represents Joico. “Clients with curl who want color will be asking for baliaged highlights, painted freehand. The added dimension is a perfect complement to soft waves.

To create the toned down look on naturally curly or texturized hair, Papanikolas starts with air-dried hair, then uses a round brush gently at the hairline only, before spraying hair with flexible hold hair spray. He wraps two-inch-sections around a one-inch iron, twisting the hair. After setting the hair and lightly brushing out “crispness,” he scrunches in a shiny pomade or forming polish to add glossy texture.

Curl Touch-Ups
Many textured hair types are erratic, with a variety of curl and wave sizes and shapes on one head. To create soft, consistent, natural-looking curl patterns, try this technique from Pureology PureArtist Mary Katherine Hecht: Apply a light, cream-based product with anti-humidity properties to damp hair. Blow dry with a diffuser to remove all moisture. Use a few curling irons in various sizes to refresh and reshape curls where needed. Finish with a silicone-based styler and shine-enhancing spray to control frizz.

Leave it Alone
Leave-in conditioners are ideal for textured hair—they offer moisture, control frizz and fly aways and make strands manageable. When applying leave-ins, advises Dimitrios Tsioumas of Mizu Salon in New York City, make sure hair is consistently damp from scalp to ends. Apply the product and comb through with a wide-tooth comb. This will ensure the formula is evenly distributed. To create beautifully shaped, natural curls, follow the leave-in with a light gel designed for curls and use your fingers to break up and mold each curl as you work the styler into the hair. Then, hands off! Don’t touch your hair again until it’s completely dry to prevent frizz.

Quick Set
Want natural-looking ringlets in a hurry? Apply a rich, leave-in conditioner to damp hair, says Warren Tricomi Salon’s Kaz Amor, then place all hair into three braids. After strands are dry (about 20-30 minutes) release the braids and arrange curls with your fingertips. This is especially great for kids, says Amor, who uses the technique on his five-year-old daughter.

Less and More
Curly hair benefits from less shampooing and more conditioning than straighter strands, says Rodney Cutler of Cutler Salon in New York City. It takes natural scalp oils longer to travel the length of a curly strand—and the longer the hair, the longer it takes—which means it’s possible to over-shampoo and cause dryness. “Don’t wash this hair type every day,” Cutler advises. “On the ‘off days,’ wet it, apply conditioner and detangle hair with a wide-tooth comb in the shower.” Never brush curly hair, he adds—doing so can cause breakage and frizz.

Humidity Busters
Because of the coiled structure of curly hair, the cuticles tend to be slightly opened. This allows moisture to penetrate, which leads to strand swelling, which equals frizz. “So the more moisture you use, the better it is for taming frizz,” says Chaune Hurt-Fitzgerald of Salon Remedi in Washington. “Avoid products containing (drying) alcohols, which can actually be drying to the hair. Dry curly hair with a diffuser, which won’t disturb strands as much as a blow dryer on full power, and 'push' the curls into place with your hands. Finish with a spray that locks out humidity and offers flexible hold.”


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Making Gorgeous Curls & Keeping them

Curls are back so it's time we have a tutorial on how to create the curls and waves.  Shampoo and condition with bodifying/volumizing products preferably with thermal barriers because your hair is going to get hit with some thermal tools.  Apply styling products from roots to ends that helps to create volume and protects the hair from thermal damage.  Blow dry your hair flipping your head over to get the most fullness.  You don't need a brush if you blow dry upside down just tousle your hair.  If you prefer to blow dry upside right, use a brush to lift hair up away from your scalp.  When your hair is completely dry section your hair starting in the nape using 1" sections.  Spray the section with a thermal setting spray then curl the hair starting mid shift into the scalp and gently work the hair through the iron until all the hair from scalp to ends has been curled.  Releasing the hair from the iron carefully, keep the hair in its shape by pinning the curl through the middle with a pronged clip to let it cool.  Continue with the same size sections up the head spraying before  and after curling it, pinning every section.  Starting in the nape remove the clips letting the curls fall.  When all the clips have been removed, spray curls again! Get a small amount of paste, emulsify in your hands and run your hands through your hair gently breaking up the ringlets.  Finally use your shine spray and firm holding hair spray to finish.

Products to use for blow drying: Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Gel, Pureology Power Dressing, Chi Volume Boost Glaze
Products to use before Curling: Paul Mitchell Hot off the Press, Enjoy Hair Spray, Chi Infra Texture
Products to use after Curling: Enjoy Hair Spray, Chi Infra Texture
Products to use to break up the curls: Pureology Texture Twist, Sebastian Microweb Fiber, Enjoy Texture Cream
Finishing Products: Sebastian Shaper +, Enjoy Super Hold Hair Spray, Redken  Forceful
Shine Sprays: Bed Head Head Rush, Catwalk Your Highness Shine Spray, Big Sexy Hair Big Shine

Tools you need: Blow dryer, 1" - 1 1/2" Curling iron, Combs, Pronged Clips, Butterfly Clips


Monday, February 8, 2010

Nail Polish Longevity

We get a lot of questions about how to make nail polish stay on longer.  There are  many variables on this subject.  Let's start with the basics.  A base coat is the first step to polish greatness.  A base coat helps the polish to adhere to the nail better by blocking the natural oils from seeping out of the nail and by creating more of a pH balanced surface.  A top coat is the final step to great polish longevity.  It helps to protect the polish from being worn down and chipped by an outside source.  However everyone's body chemistry is different and not every polish brand will stick.  Another thing to take into consideration is that if your hands are in water a lot, that breaks down the top coat and you will need to reapply your top coat after a few days.  OPI and ORLY are great professional brand nail polish, one or both of them will cover just about everyone.  If these should fail, try NAILTIQUES nail polish.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Minimize the damage you do to your hair

Many women who use thermal devices to style their hair don't realize the damage it causes.  Of course the damage can be significant or minimal depending on the process used to achieve the desired style.  The quality of the products and tools you use, and your routine make a significant difference.  Opt for quality styling products that protect the hair along with promoting your desired style, shampoo and conditioner that will not only clean your hair but moisturize and protect it as well.  Also you should select a professional blow dryer and iron that are made of the best quality materials possible. They will do the least amount of damage to your hair.  Professional tools are designed to remove excess water and smooth the hair without stripping the hair of it's natural moisture.
        1. Shampoo and condition with professional products to maintain moisture in the hair.
        2. Rinse with cool water to lay down the outer layer of the hair shaft (helps to  minimize frizz).
        3. Apply your thermal protecting styling aid.
        4. Dry your hair most of the way
        5. Grab your concentrator nozzle and brush to finish drying.  Take 2" sections starting at the nape and work your way up.
        6. Make sure the hair is completely dry by going over your hair with the cool air setting.  If the hair feels damp or cold to the touch, it's not completely dry.  Before the next step your hair must be 110% dry!
        7. Starting at the nape, section hair into 1" - 2" layers and begin straightening/curling.  Make sure not to use too  high of heat for your hair  type.  Continue up the head until the entire head has been done.
        8. Once the hair is all curled/straightened, finish the style with an anti frizz shine serum/spray or hair spray.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thermal Protection

Now That we have covered the types of brushes, irons, and dryers to use, let's talk about how to protect our hair when we style it.  Every time we apply heat to our hair we are damaging it.  Heat protection comes in many forms.  Some styling products contain thermal protection to a certain degree, and then there are products that are designed strictly for thermal protection.  Thermafuse, for example, is a line that is all thermal protecting from the shampoo to the hair spray.  Phyto Orgaincs "Canopy" is used just for thermal protection.  It is a protein based light weight spray that can be applied to damp or dry hair.
If you're into heat styling be sure and check your mousse, gel, styling lotion or whatever it may be.

Don't leave your hair unprotected!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


When you can use a thermal tool to tame frizz, add shine, and make the hair appear overall healthier it is a great styling asset.  There are many benefits to using a flat iron, but there are a few features you should look for to obtain the best results.  Some irons are constructed with two or three different materials.  Not every one I have listed below is going to be in one iron.  The quality of the flat iron is what boosts its rating in my book.

Far Infra-Red Heat Technology-Seals in moisture and keeps the hair healthy by causing less damage.  Far Infra-Red also helps speed up styling time.

Ionic-An iron that emits negative ions is very beneficial because negative ions tame frizz, add shine, and it makes the hair feel silky.

Tourmaline plates- Tourmaline produces more negative ions than regular plates enhancing the amount of shine it would produce.

True ceramic or Titanium Plates-Solid ceramic or titanium plates are awesome because they fight frizz, and create a shiny healthy look compared to brass plates.  Coated or painted plates are not the best for your hair because the coating chips away and starts tugging and breaking the hair.

Temperature control-A good flat iron will have a thermostat/temperature control.  Not all hair types need the same amount of heat of heat, thus making it necessary for your irons to have a heat control.  Using too high of a temperature will cause unnecessary damage. This is a must have in an iron!

Monday, February 1, 2010


10% 0ff all Caldrea products

Fresh and Fragrant, Clean and Green

Caring for our homes should be just as luxurious as caring for our bodies. Therefore, our purpose is to create a premier home cleaning experience through beautiful products and passionate know-how.

Caldrea creates quality, earth-friendly products in our exclusive signature fragrances for cleaning your entire home. We use the finest plant-derived ingredients and essential oils to provide natural freshness and cleaning potency. No harsh chemicals, no harsh fragrances; a simple, stylish and fresh approach to cleaning in a fragrance collection of your own choosing.

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Do you get the full benefit from your flat iron?

Do you get the full benefit of your flat iron?
  Most likely you have heard about all the fabulous styles that can be achieved with a flat iron.  And you have probably already bought one!  But can you do all the wonderful things the sales associate said you could?  I'm here to help with that.

    How to use your flat iron as a curling iron      
Take a small section of dry hair, starting near the top of the section gently twist the iron up and around continuously until you reach the end of the hair.  Lightly spray the section with hair spray.
Section the dry hair and just as you would to straighten the hair run the iron down the hair.  When you get about two inches from the end curl the iron in or out depending on your preference.
To create volume on the top of the head one section at a time, gently use the iron to push the hair up and away from the scalp.  Then you can create your curled, flipped or straight style.

     You can also use your flat iron to create a crimped look or wave.  Start by braiding a small section of hair.  The smaller the section the tighter the crimp will look.  The slightly bigger sections will look more like a wave.  Gently press the iron together on the braid, section by section down the braid.

     When using your flat iron for curling, flipping or creating volume, remember it's all in the turn of your wrist.  Gentle nudges of the iron is all that it takes.  Always use caution when trying new techniques and never leave the iron in one spot too long!  Apply your heat protection products before you use any thermal tools.  Have fun with those flat irons!