Thursday, February 26, 2015

My scalp is itchy & flaky… Any ideas?

There are many reasons why your scalp could be giving you problems.
Excess oil production/oily scalp---Allergic reaction to chemical services--- Psoriasis
---Dry Scalp---Cradle Cap---Winter Scalp*---Dandruff.

If you are using a dandruff shampoo and you do not have dandruff, STOP!!! A dandruff shampoo will only make matters worse for you. 

We carry a product called Hairseptic and I call it “Liquid Gold in a Bottle”.   When used on a regular basis it will help to clear up most scalp disorders and stop the itchy and flakiness.  Simply apply and gently massage it into your scalp before you shampoo.  Reapply a smaller quantity after you towel dry and do not rinse.  Apply your styling products as usual.  You will be amazed at how quickly your scalp will respond.

*Winter Scalp: When your scalp becomes dry. Itchy and flaky from being inside dry heat 24/7