Thursday, June 4, 2015



The number of products available to cover up outgrowth are uncountable. We currently stock three different products.

 The first product I would like to mention is Rashell Masc-A-Gray Hair Color Mascara.  That’s right. It looks like a tube of mascara, brush and all.  It is a temporary liquid hair color that brushes on easily at your hairline etc.  It dries in a minute and it will not flake or stain. (12 colors to choose from)

Next up is Style Edit Conceal.  This root touch-up spray covers instantly and helps to extend the life of your color between salon visits.  This is an aerosol product that has a unique pinpoint applicator that targets the areas that need a color boost.   (4 colors to choose from)
We also carry a concealer/filler spray from Style Edit that fills in thinning areas by creating density, volume and coverage all in one.  It is made up of naturally derived fibers that adhere to thin hairs making them look and feel thicker.  (4 colors to choose from)
All three of these products are water resistant and stay on until shampooed out.