Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Head Lice and Your Child

How can I stop my child from getting Head Lice?

The best way to prevent Head Lice is to create an environment that repels the adult lice before they can lay “eggs” (nits) on your childs’ head. 
For years I have been recommending a product from Paul Mitchell called Tea Tree Special Shampoo.  Lice do not like Tea Tree Oil!  By using this shampoo twice a week your child will be less likely to get Head Lice.  You can also add Tea Tree Oil to you own shampoo.  I recommend Gena 100% Tea Tree Oil. 
Tea Tree Oil will “repel only” and will not kill Head Lice so if an infestation already exists you should consult a pharmacist for the most effective prescription or over the counter product available.