Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer

As we continue to focus on treating aging skin, exfoliation and resurfacing products should be a main ingredient for our skin care regimen.  Daily Resurfacer utilizes a combination of non-irritating hydroxy acids combined with enzymes and botanical extracts that resurface the outer-most layers of the skin leaving it smoother, hydrated and brighter.  One of the unique feathers of this product is that it is gentle enough to be left on the skin, yet it is effective enough to produce results immediately.
The key action comes from Salicylic Acid, a beta hydroxy acid known for its ability to dissolve excess skin cell resulting in a smoother surface.  Combining a blend of AHAs from Hibiscus flowers, Apple and Sugar Cane, along with bacterial enzyme to provide a product that is effective, non-irritating, safe for daily use, and does not have to be removed from the skin.  The resurfacing-hydrating-brightening combination is blended in a base of anti-inflammatory Rooibus tea and Green tea to help shield skin from environmental assault. 

Key ingredients
Salicylic acid: Dissolves excess epidermal cells
Bacillus ferment: an exfoliating enzyme
Apple fruit extract and sugar cane extract: contains AHA to stimulate cell renewal & cell turn over
Rice Extract: rich in phytic acid that helps soften & brighten skin
Rooibus: contains antiaxiidants to protect skin.  Used to treat acne, eczeme, dermetitis and sunburn.
Green tea: source of poly-phenols to scavenge ROS & protect skin