Saturday, December 24, 2011

How to Cope with Limp Locks

Fine hair can be a real bummer when it comes down to getting a style you like.  There are a few tricks to help you maximize your minimal tresses.  The proper haircut is the first step.  Most fine, thin hair looks better kept at shoulder length or shorter.  A nice shoulder length cut with surface layers will help you get lift on top and the appearance of all over fullness.  If you insist on long locks keep some long layers and read up on styling techniques.
Adding some highlights for dimension helps in two ways.  One it roughs up the outer layer of the hair shaft making it look thicker.  And two the added dimension gives the illusion of more hair.
Always use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, using the conditioner only on the ends.  Apply a volumizing or thickening styling product prior to blow drying.  Blow dry your hair in sections lifting at the roots and then drying the ends.  Remember how your hair dries is how it stays!  If you let your hair dry flat to your head you wont be able to get any lift at the roots when you try to style it.  Well placed curls with rollers or an iron also help create lift.  When you have a section to curl, over direct it by pulling the section up away from where it lays.  If its on the top of your head and you want it to go back pull the section towards your face and place the roller.  When you are styling after the curls have set or cooled part your hair on the side creating the illusion of fuller thicker hair.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Product 101

Shine Enhancers
  • What they do: They create a shiny, glossy finish and make color appear more vibrant
  • Why use them: Not all hair is created equal!  Blonde or curly hair is naturally less shiny, while straight or brunette show good shine.  Dry and brittle hair also lacks luster.
    • Shampoo- Redken Blonde Glam, Catwalk Curlesque or Sleek Mystique
    • Conditioner- Redken Blonde Glam, Catwalk Sleek Mystique
    • Styling product- Bedhead Head Rush, MoroccanOil Glimmer Shine Spray
Curl Booster
  • What they do: Create bouncy, frizz free curls and add definition.
  • Why use them: While we love our curls they need help.  Weather it be because they are lazy or coarse and unruly perfect ringlets don't come naturally.
    • Shampoo- Deva Curl Low Poo & No Poo, Catwalk Curlesque, Bedhead High Definition
    • Styling Products-Bedhead Foxy Curls Contour Cream, Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier
Volume Creators
  • What they do: Volume makers promote lift at the roots and the appearance of thicker fuller hair.  Creating extra body and bounce can be difficult to do while maintaining healthy looking hair.
  • Why use them: Even with the best and most vigorous blow dry technique fine limp strands will still fall flat without good products.
    • Shampoo-Pureology Pure Volume, Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily
    • Styling Products- Pureology Pure Volume Blow Dry Amplifier, Big Sexy Blow Dry Gel
    • Tools- Medium barrel Vent Brush
  • What they do: Temporarily tame textured hair, smoothing waves, reducing frizz and fly aways.
  • Why use them: If you want smooth sleek hair, these products will help you achieve your desired look.
    • Shampoo & Conditioner-Joico Silk Results, Matrix Sleek, Pureology Super Smooth
    • Styling products- Enjoy Straightener, Pureology Super Smooth Cream, Catwalk Sleek Mystique Blow out Balm
    • Tools- Large barrel Vent Brush

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Watch your lips

When it comes to aging, most people focus on reducing wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, cheeks and mouth, but it is also important to take care of your lips.  The skin around the lips is highly sensitive and therefore more susceptible to damage from harsh weather and UV rays.  Even stress and poor nutrition can play a role in your mouth and lip's youthful appearance.  It is important to use an anti-aging lip product because it can restore some of the necessary nutrients like antioxidants and hydration that depletes as people age.
Anti-aging lip products can also deliver a necessary level of moisture that keeps skin firm and supple.  Ingredients like alpha hydroxy remove limp, dead skin cells to reveal a firmer more vibrant layer underneath mean while retinal and peptides can actually speed up the rate you produce new skin cells.  Anti-aging lip products should be used twice a day especially in extreme weather conditions like sun and harsh winds to provide moisture. 
Check out Dermalogica's AgeSmart Renewal Lip Complex which minimizes contour lines and helps prevent signs of aging.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Add Some Aroma Therapy to your Routine

Boost your hair and mood with aromatic products.  Hair holds fragrance even better than skin, so by scenting your hair the aroma has the potential to be present all day long.  Citrus scents have uplifting properties and can really help awaken a weary mind and body.  Peppermint helps yo sharpen the mind aiding concentration and focus.  Floral scents can help aid in relaxation, calmness and bring feelings of joy and energy.
            Citrus Scent-Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo
            Peppermint- Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Tea Tree & Pureology Hydrating Conditioner
            Floral- Wella Brilliance Mask & Catwalk Curlesque Shampoo

Friday, July 29, 2011


1. Book a trial appointment or two with your stylist before the wedding.
            This gives you and your stylist plenty of opportunity to explore different hair options and decide what works best.  Be sure you bring in your hair accessory, head piece or veil.
2. Be consistent.
            Make sure you are consistent when you express your vision to your stylist.  And make sure you convey your own personal style to her as well.  Are you traditional, funky, modern or classic?
3. Do not make any changes to your color within 3 months of the wedding.
             Find your final color way before hand, no bride needs last minute surprises.  Do a touch up and trimone to two weeks before the big day!
4. Show your stylist a picture of your dress.
             Your stylist can help you decide on the most flattering style to go with your dress style. If your dress has a high neck or is very ornate at the shoulders or decollete area, your stylist will need to know to create the most appropriate style.
5. Make sure you have an emergency hair kit.
            Pack a kit including extra bobby pins, hair spray and shine spray for any last minute touch ups.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Preparing for Spring part 2

Effortless sexy is coming for a visit this spring!  The unkempt look can be done on any hair texture.  While it is most popular down, it should most definitely be tried in an updo or tousled pony tail.  Use a blow dryer and a texture spray to create volume and added texture.  Enjoy Texture Spray would work great!  You can also add a chic braid to your tousled pony or messy updo.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Is It Spring Yet?

As we anxiously await the arrival of spring on the west coast, let's get prepared!  There are many changes taking place in the hair and nail world and we need to uncover all of them one by one.
Have you noticed all the retro hairstyles on the runways and red carpets? They haven't gone unnoticed by us and we are in love!  There are quite a few 30's and 40's styles being worn by today's celebs.  Our favorite is the super glamorous style like Bette Davis wore in "All about Eve."  The fabulous brushed out waves have been spotted all over.

To create the soft waves curl your hair using a 1" iron, making sure to protect your hair. Chi Infra Texture would work great for protection and to hold the style without being tacky or hard.  Re-spray the curls and brush out your hair creating a severe part where you prefer.