Saturday, December 24, 2011

How to Cope with Limp Locks

Fine hair can be a real bummer when it comes down to getting a style you like.  There are a few tricks to help you maximize your minimal tresses.  The proper haircut is the first step.  Most fine, thin hair looks better kept at shoulder length or shorter.  A nice shoulder length cut with surface layers will help you get lift on top and the appearance of all over fullness.  If you insist on long locks keep some long layers and read up on styling techniques.
Adding some highlights for dimension helps in two ways.  One it roughs up the outer layer of the hair shaft making it look thicker.  And two the added dimension gives the illusion of more hair.
Always use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, using the conditioner only on the ends.  Apply a volumizing or thickening styling product prior to blow drying.  Blow dry your hair in sections lifting at the roots and then drying the ends.  Remember how your hair dries is how it stays!  If you let your hair dry flat to your head you wont be able to get any lift at the roots when you try to style it.  Well placed curls with rollers or an iron also help create lift.  When you have a section to curl, over direct it by pulling the section up away from where it lays.  If its on the top of your head and you want it to go back pull the section towards your face and place the roller.  When you are styling after the curls have set or cooled part your hair on the side creating the illusion of fuller thicker hair.