Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Get Amazing Brows

We found these amazing brow tips from Sorme Cosmetics
  • For a Soft Brow: Apply a lighter shade of brow powder with and angled filler brush.  If desired create a soft arch
  • Fuller, bolder brow: Use a darker pencil or powder to fill in the brow completely.  OPTIONAL: Create a strong arch
  • Spotty brows: Thinning brows often have small or missing patches of hair that are hidden by a few over lapping hairs.  To fill in, lift the brow hairs away from these missing areas and use a freshly sharpened pencil to create short, hair -like strokes
  • Visible bare patches: For brows that lack proper shape due to patches that completely lack coverage, fill in these gaps with brow powder and then apply the same powder overall for contour and enhanced color.