Monday, November 22, 2010

Out Last Night

In the words of Kenny Chesney “we went out last night one thing starts leading to another”, I know most of us have done this.  Go out and have a good time on a night you have to work the next day.  After a long night of fun, you won’t have an extra 15 minutes to get yourself looking fresh for the day, so quickly evaluate what seems to be your biggest party night give away so that you can hide the evidence.  Redness, blotchiness, puffiness, lack of color, the list could go on and on, so here are a few of the most common.
For redness:
Apply Dermalogica’s Sheer Tint Moisture SPF 15 Redness Relief to help counter act the redness and put some moisture in your dehydrated skin.
For under eye troubles, including darkness, puffiness and deep lines:
Use Mavala’s Concealer to mask under eye troubles and any blemishes that decided to surface for the morning after party.  The wand makes it easier to maneuver and keep good control of placement.
For pink eyes:
I’m not talking about the infection.  A rough night out can make your eyes look like you are in worse shape than you even think.  Eye Bright pencil by Benefit is perfect for rimming the inside of your lash line to mask that discoloration that occurs with lack of sleep.
For a washed out face:
Dust a blush or bronzer along your cheeks and forehead to bring your skin back to life or at least make it look like it is.

Monday, November 15, 2010

How to Care for Naturally Curly Hair

The number of curly girls getting straightening treatments is on the rise, which is most likely due to the unfair reputation curly hair has for being unmanageable.  We like to encourage naturally curly clients to embrace curl, because when you are equipped with the proper care and styling techniques, those curls will inspire envy.
CARE-Curly hair is undeniably drier than straight hair because of the increased amount of protein in the hair and the shape of the individual hair shaft. Even products that help increase moisture in the hair often dissipate and vanish rapidly.  Always apply leave-in conditioning products to curly hair when it is very wet, almost dripping.  The hair will soak in the product more effectively, because the drier the hair is, the quicker the product will evaporate.  A leave-in moisturizing conditioner will also help to define the curls and decrease frizz and fluff.  It is very important to remember not to wrap your hair up with a towel after you have applied your leave-in conditioner. Because the texture of a terry cloth towel will create frizz when the outer layer of the hair shaft grabs onto the cloth particles, you shouldn’t use it to dry your hair at all.  For the least amount of frizz flip upside down and use paper towels, a T-shirt or a micro fiber towel and a scrunching action to dry hair trying to disturb the curl pattern as little as possible. 
STYLING- Knowing how to style curly hair properly is often the biggest challenge.  After removing some of the water from your hair, flip upside down and using the same scrunching action apply your gel.  As a general rule, you should refrain from using the blow dryer as much as possible.  To help minimize frizz let your hair air dry most of the way and then use your diffuser and blow dryer on the lowest heat and air flow setting as possible.  Try to keep your hands off your hair and let the diffuser do its job.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Speed up your morning Routine

Dragging ourselves out of bed gets increasingly harder as the week goes on.  Some girls adjust by taking their routines on the road (i.e. mascara in the car, lip gloss as you walk, etc.)—but this can prove to be dangerous.  By now we’ve all heard the shocking story of the woman who wrecked her car while shaving her bikini line.
A shocking amount of women take over an hour with their morning beauty routine but then there are those more reasonable women that dedicate 30-60 minutes to the beauty gods. To help everyone catch a few extra minutes of shut-eye, I’ve compiled some tips on how you can speed up your daily routine and get your self out the door a little faster.
Wash your hair the night before and style it in the morning
Getting your hair styled just right probably takes up a lot of your morning.  Get your day off to a good start be showering the night before, and putting off the styling until the sun rises.  This works for girls that straighten their hair but a great alternative is to pull your hair into a loose tousled side braid.  Give yourself a side part and loosely gather hair to the side of your head, securing a sexy, disheveled braid.
Use pencil liner instead of liquid
Since we’re barely awake enough before work to see what color we’re applying to our eyelids, there is no point in trying to successfully use notoriously difficult liquid liner.  Take the easy way out and quickly trace a line on your upper eyelid with pencil liner and then gently smudge.  It’s perfectly office appropriate and not at all time consuming.
Try having a curled mascara brush
Having a curled brush on your mascara wand makes your lashes curl without the added step.  Make sure to carefully trace each lash with mascara, and twist your hand upward as you apply.  This should result in the desired effect, without having to break out the eyelash curler.
Use a tinted moisturizer
Tinted moisturizer is a great way to skip extra steps in your beauty regimen—don’t bother with your face moisturizer or foundation, since it cleverly combines both.  You can simply smooth the light weight product over your skin and go.  For the days that you have more blemishes than you would like to admit you can always use a little concealer.
Make your cream blush double as shadow
Cream blush is faster to apply than a powder—so ditch the brush and use your fingers.  After swiping some color onto your cheeks, use the remaining product to add a little color to your eyelids.  Remember you have already applied eyeliner, so just adding a light shade to your lids will complete your daytime look and get you out the door quickly.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Do you remember the days when our hair spray choices were limited? Those days are definitely gone!  Here’s a look at three essential types that will satisfy a variety of styling needs.
Working Spray
Use a working spray to allow for combing or sculpting the hair during styling.
Sebastian Re-Shaper adds volume and texture to the hair while blocking humidity.
Enjoy Styling Spray adds volume to any style while adding thermal barriers and shine.
Use a finishing hairspray to set a style and keep it in place.  These fast drying sprays come in a variety of formulas. 
Pureology In Charge Plus is a great non-flaking color protecting hair spray that fights humidity, adds shine, and blocks harmful UV rays.
Redken Quickdry is a great medium to firm hair spray that doesn’t flake or make the hair feel stiff or tacky.
Shine Enhancing
Use a shine enhancing hairspray to leave hair looking shiny and healthy all day long.  Most shine enhancing hairsprays tend to offer humidity resistance.
Moroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray adds tremendous shine, fights frizz, and blocks humidity.
Catwalk Sleek Mystique look lock Hair Spray is a medium hold spray that helps fight frizz, block humidity and adds gorgeous shine.