Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Head Lice and Your Child

How can I stop my child from getting Head Lice?

The best way to prevent Head Lice is to create an environment that repels the adult lice before they can lay “eggs” (nits) on your childs’ head. 
For years I have been recommending a product from Paul Mitchell called Tea Tree Special Shampoo.  Lice do not like Tea Tree Oil!  By using this shampoo twice a week your child will be less likely to get Head Lice.  You can also add Tea Tree Oil to you own shampoo.  I recommend Gena 100% Tea Tree Oil. 
Tea Tree Oil will “repel only” and will not kill Head Lice so if an infestation already exists you should consult a pharmacist for the most effective prescription or over the counter product available.

Thursday, June 4, 2015



The number of products available to cover up outgrowth are uncountable. We currently stock three different products.

 The first product I would like to mention is Rashell Masc-A-Gray Hair Color Mascara.  That’s right. It looks like a tube of mascara, brush and all.  It is a temporary liquid hair color that brushes on easily at your hairline etc.  It dries in a minute and it will not flake or stain. (12 colors to choose from)

Next up is Style Edit Conceal.  This root touch-up spray covers instantly and helps to extend the life of your color between salon visits.  This is an aerosol product that has a unique pinpoint applicator that targets the areas that need a color boost.   (4 colors to choose from)
We also carry a concealer/filler spray from Style Edit that fills in thinning areas by creating density, volume and coverage all in one.  It is made up of naturally derived fibers that adhere to thin hairs making them look and feel thicker.  (4 colors to choose from)
All three of these products are water resistant and stay on until shampooed out.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Should I use an oil/serum on my hair?

Is your hair one or more of the following:  dull, dry, lifeless and or frizzy?  If you answered yes to my questions then you will benefit from adding on oil/serum to your hair care routine.  Choosing the right one for your hair type is important.

REDKEN has three options for you to choose from.
All Soft Argon-6 is a silicone-based product designed for dry brittle hair. It surrounds every strand with softness & nourishment and has thermal protection that will leave your hair looking shiny and feeling smoother. 
Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine is silicone-free for normal/medium hair and Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense is for course hair.  Both formulas have thermal protection and penetrate the hair shaft to strengthen and reinforce from the inside out. 
Whichever you choose, your hair will love you for it! 

We also have three options from MATRIX.  Oil Wonders was introduced last year and is inspired by ancient beauty secrets from India, Egypt and the Amazon.
Indian Amla is a Strengthening Oil that helps to renew fragile, weakened hair for restored strength. 
Amazonian Murumuru is a Controlling Oil that will help to tame hair for 72 hours.  It controls, provides smoothness & tames rebellious, unruly hair.
Eqyptian Hibiscus is designed for color processed hair.  It helps to restore Color Vibrancy with 75% more shine.
All of these will enhance softness & shine to your hair.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

My scalp is itchy & flaky… Any ideas?

There are many reasons why your scalp could be giving you problems.
Excess oil production/oily scalp---Allergic reaction to chemical services--- Psoriasis
---Dry Scalp---Cradle Cap---Winter Scalp*---Dandruff.

If you are using a dandruff shampoo and you do not have dandruff, STOP!!! A dandruff shampoo will only make matters worse for you. 

We carry a product called Hairseptic and I call it “Liquid Gold in a Bottle”.   When used on a regular basis it will help to clear up most scalp disorders and stop the itchy and flakiness.  Simply apply and gently massage it into your scalp before you shampoo.  Reapply a smaller quantity after you towel dry and do not rinse.  Apply your styling products as usual.  You will be amazed at how quickly your scalp will respond.

*Winter Scalp: When your scalp becomes dry. Itchy and flaky from being inside dry heat 24/7 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Well Water: Good or Bad

Is well water bad for my hair?

Well water contains a wide variety of minerals that can damage your hair making it feel rough and dry, even when it is wet. These minerals can also alter your hair color (both natural and chemically processed) by attaching or penetrating your hair shaft every time you wash your hair.  Hot or warm water will open the cuticle of your hair shaft allowing the minerals to penetrate more easily.  When you have chemically processed hair the minerals can build up at an accelerated rate causing highlights to darken or turn brassy and perms to loose their curl. 

We carry several products that are designed to fix this problem by removing the minerals that are in your hair.  Some of them can even be used on a daily basis when your water quality changes throughout the year.

Enjoy Clarifying Spray: A spray-in clarifier that you use before shampooing your hair. Can be used on a daily basis if needed and is color safe

Malibu C Hard Water Demineralizer: Powder packet mixed with water used weekly to help restore body, bounce and shine. Color safe 100% Vegan and sulfate free

RedKen Hair Cleansing Shampoo: Formulated with fruit acids that can be used as often as needed to purify and refresh your hair and add shine

Scruples Hair Clearifier: Deep cleansing shampoo that can be used on a daily basis / color safe and is Gluten and Paba free

Always use a good conditioner or treatment with a low ph after clarifying!