Monday, July 5, 2010

More Beauty Tips for Teens

Make up for Teenagers
Most teenager girls begin wearing light make-up around the ages of 12-13 as they become more aware of their appearance. As a teen, your make up should look natural and enhance your facial features. Don’t overdo it, this will only make you look silly. With a few simple, inexpensive products, you can play up your finest features and you will look GREAT!!! Keep your make up light for school. You don’t need to use make up on every facial feature you have. Mix and match to find out what looks best on you. For parties, you may want to add a little more make up to enhance your features. Make sure you blend it in well with your fingers or a cosmetics brush and check it in a bright light when you are finished.
Foundation is not necessary for teens. While some can clog your pores, it can also look over done. Skip the foundation and use a concealer on your blemishes only. Lightly dust on some loose powder over your entire face to even out your skin tone, control oil, and set the concealer.
Don’t try to hide your freckles. You may not appreciate them, but they are a part of you. Exposure to sunlight makes freckles darker so avoiding the sun and using sunscreen will keep them in check. Usually as you get older they fade, so they will be less of an issue.
Eye Make up
You may not be interested in eye shadow until you are older, if so then great. Just in case you are interested in it here are a few tips. Keep it light and use the trendy sparkles and metallics sparingly, they can flake off into your eyes and cause irritation. Eye shadow doesn’t have to match your eyes. Earth tones (tan, brown, gray) are very complimentary to blue, brown and hazel eyes. Keeping your eyes as natural looking as possible is best.
When you start using mascara, brown works best for both brunettes and blondes. Black is a little harsh at a young age, especially in the daytime. If you find brown isn’t dark enough try brownish black. Waterproof may be necessary when playing sports or participating in outdoor activities. It stays on longer and doesn’t run, but it’s harder to take off.
If you are going to use eyeliner, a pencil liner looks more natural than a liquid. Learn to apply it with a steady hand for straight lines, and blot it with a tissue if you get it too dark.
Liquid and stick blushes are popular choices for teen because they glide on smoothly and blend in well. Pinks and peaches compliment almost any skin tone. Apply to the apple of your cheeks and blend outwards toward your hairline.
For luscious lips, lip gloss does the trick. If you want to add some color to your lips for a nighttime look, try a lipstick in a sheer color. For extra shine put lip gloss over your lipstick. Always have lip balm handy for chapped lips.
As with any make up blending is key. Check your make up in daylight if possible and don’t be afraid to swipe any excess with a tissue. If you ever experience any skin irritation, quit using the make up immediately until you find out what the problem is. Consult your dermatologist for the best remedy.

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