Thursday, July 1, 2010


Being a teen in today’s world brings many pressures from society to look good. The media is full of beautiful faces that add to the stress of growing up. Don’t let that undermine your self confidence! What’s a girl to do? There are many ways to enhance your natural beauty and keep a practical skin care and make up routine. These tips will help bring out the best in you, but remember, good posture and a smile give a great first impression.
Skin care Tips
Teenagers have different skin care and make up needs than mature women. Skin care regimens should be started when we are pre-teens. Hormones start to kick in and blemishes begin to appear. As you mature your skin care needs will change as you skin does. Pay special attention to what products you are using and if there are any undesirable affects taking place. What makes your skin look radiant one month may cause blemishes and break outs the next.
At an early age, a light moisturizer may be called for—but do not use a heavy cream used for dry skin. Choose a product that is formulated for light skin care maintenance and doesn’t clog your pores. A heavy moisturizer will wreak havoc and cause pimples. Start with the moisturizer just once a day before bed as to not over do it.
Pimples and Blemishes
Acne is the #1 skin care concern for teens. Keep your face and hair clean, wash your hands frequently, and keep them away from your face. There are many products available on the market today for acne prevention and cures, and they are much more effective than years ago. Once you begin experiencing problems, take action to avoid life time scarring.

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